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Every tadpole eventually becomes a frog, the amphibious symbol of a warrior elite that made Italian history and have been a significant part of it. Today this symbol finds new life in those modern special ops units serving Italy or its allies as sons of the same honorable tradition and heritage.

Aristotelian metaphysics defined the concept of potentiality and described potential beings like tadpoles; guided by his thought, we can assert that within every human lies the potential to become and grow as noble warrior, exactly like the frog is the eventual evolution of the tadpole. It is the aim and duty of Tadpoles Tactics to indicate this path of evolution.


Tadpoles Tactics mainly provides consulting services to military and police forces; however, many of the courses offered are also made available to civilians meeting the proper legal requirements in the aim of spreading the safe, responsible use of firearms in accordance with the law.

It is thanks to our constantly updated techniques and continuous research that we at are able to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach to the topics covered in Tadpoles Tactics training programs: Our prestigious international collaborators ensure the availability of the best and most up-to-date training materials. When combined, they create a high-profile cross-disciplinary network.

Techniques and tactics are divided according to the following categories of trainees: military personnel, police forces, rescue teams, and responsible citizens. Yet, when necessary and opportune, our training programs become interdisciplinary so that participants from different fields can take advantage of techniques and methodologies applied in diverse circumstances, for affronting any type of threat or critical situation.

Our training principles are based on the standard firearms procedures used by SWAT teams and the Navy SEALS, and those universally recognized in the field of PSD – Personal Security Details. They also include Krav Maga techniques, always ensuring continual development and study.

Our personal collaboration with the founders of these techniques and military operatives from different branches guarantees a high standard of quality.

Why the University of Strategic Shooting?

Because it is not enough to simply give the trainee a set of operative/defensive techniques and tactics for firearm use: the goal of the USS – Tadpoles Tactics program is to offer an overall conduct strategy, both defensive and operative, that the individual can take with him in every moment of his life or his work, and establish a mindset that can help him even when a specific protocol is not applicable.

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