Laser Advanced Combat System – LACS Training Platform (LTP)

Tadpoles Tactics collaborates in the development of the LACS ARMY system and is responsible for the training program dedicated to professional use in worldwide exclusive:

  • LACS Instructors training
  • LACS Operators level training
  • Military units support and relationship referral for the management of the LACS System platform

LACS is a Mil-Sim system which brings a number of innovations in the field of military simulation and training. These innovations result from the development of proprietary optical and electronic patented technologies that allow a qualitative and quantitative leap in the world of PTW (Professional Training Weapon) for the military professional simulation.

This optical/electronic system offers the chance, during the simulation, of combining concrete weapon's and accessories' physical actions with the simulated actions of the laser and optical receivers. The combination of the real action of the weapon and the laser emission offers a variety of benefits to both the operator and trainer during exercises. Among them: the management of the possible set ups of the weapon or the used personal configuration (hits, statistics on engagements, ballistic protections), the certainty of hits and their origin, the inability to distort the simulation, the reduced risk of physical injury to the operator and the real-time monitoring of the simulation through a central unit (TOC - Tactical Operation Center).

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