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Republic of Serbia

Tadpoles Tactics has been invited in Serbia Republic to conduct a short training program with multiple specialized units, mostly anti-terrorism.

The specific training event was focused on shoulder fire weapons use combined with pistol.

Both Tadpoles Tactics instructors, Paolo Grandis & Jacopo Guarino, has been assigned by Ministry of Interior an acknowledgement for generously, manifested professionalism and successful cooperation in the implementation of professional training of members of the Counter-Terrorist Units.

Some of the units involved:

  1. Flag of SerbiaProtivteroristicka jedinica - PTJ (Counter terrorism unit) Ministarstvo Unutrasnjih Poslova (MUP) Ministri of Interior
  2. Specijalna antiteroristicka jedinica - SAJ (Special antiterrorism unit) MUP Serbia
  3. 72. Izvidjacko diverzantski bataljon Vojska Srbije (72 Special Forces Battalion of Serbian Army)
  4. Bataljon za protivteroristicka dejstva "SOKOLOVI" - Btp Vojske Srbije (Counter-terrorist Battalion) "FALCONS" of Serbian Army
  5. Bataljon vojne policije specijalne namene "Kobre" Vojske Srbije (Military Police Special Operation Battalion "Cobras" of Serbian Army)
  6. 82. ceta recnih diverzanata Specijalne Brigade Vojske Srbije (82. company of river saboteur of Special Brigade of Serbian Army)
  7. Zandarmerija (GENDARMERIA) MUP Srbije