131st Rescue Squadron - Pararescue Jumpers

Tadpoles Tactics was invited to the 129th Rescue Wing headquarters at the NASA AMES Research Center at Moffett Field, California to introduce its training proposal tailored for special operatives of the 131st Rescue Squadron – Pararescue Jumpers.

This unprecedented event involving three training officers in the USAF special forces (CA-ANG), is bound to repeat itself in the near future. The officers were able to evaluate the effectiveness of the particular training system and the new and exclusive Tadpoles Tactics material developed with them in mind.

The sharing of training material and techniques opened the road to collaboration between Tadpoles Tactics and the operators of the 131st Rescue Squadron, with foreseeable squad training events or even joint exercises.

Tadpoles Tactics furthermore involved the NASA base military security personnel belonging to the 129th Rescue Wing in a later event.

Who are the Pararescue Jumpers or PJs?

Pararescue JumpersThe Pararescue Jumpers, an elite group of only 300 soldiers chosen from members of the US Air Force, respond to the United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and perform search and rescue tasks including medical treatment of personnel in combat zones. They are the only group in the U.S. Department of Defense that is primarily organized, trained and equipped to conduct operations of personnel evacuation from hostile environments, behind enemy lines or even in civilian-related strong emergency situations.

Members of the Special Forces, these special ops spearhead the American training system, operating in all weather conditions, topographies and TOs: their specialties range from specific combat to combat diver training, survival training and even paramedic training. Their abilities and their actions have been widely recognized since the Vietnam War, where the “green footprints” became the symbol of salvation and courage


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