Responsible Citizen - I Level
This course covers the first steps toward responsible, safe handling of pistols and long guns, both for home protection and for professional use.

Developing Skills – II Level
Trainees who have already attended the Responsible Citizen course are then led to recognize their limits and push their boundaries.

Complex Dynamics – III Level
The trainee is pushed to tackle exercises of increasing complexity and difficulty; the scenarios simulate specific realistic situations, and the stress imposed upon trainees conditions their mental and bodily responses.

Combined Carbine (SFW) & Pistol
This course deals with the combined use of handguns and long guns (Shoulder Fire Weapons). The trainee learns techniques to transition from one weapon to the other and the tactical decisions behind the switch.

Military & Law Enforcement Only
Specific courses can be arranged to focus on issues relating to members of the Armed Forces, State Police, Carabinieri and Local Police.

Concealed Carry
Particularly intended for licensed firearm owners for personal defense or for undercover operatives, this course deals with exercises for handling a concealed carry weapon.

Medical Emergencies: DAN - EFR
Courses aimed to familiarize trainees with emergency first aid to be used in the field in case of gun-related accidents or elsewhere in everyday life.

Self Defense Strategy - SDS
Tadpoles Tactics, committed to the teaching the prudent use of firearms, adds specific courses in personal defense to its training program.

Reduced Mobility
Courses tailored for an audience of people whose mobility is reduced due to a physical disability.

Coaching Training Courses
Coming soon

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