Responsible Citizen - I Level

This course covers the first steps toward responsible, safe handling of pistols and long guns, both for home protection and for professional use.

This course is open to licensed firearm owners from all walks of life, and teaches the fundamentals and correct shooting “platform” necessary for safe, informed use of the weapon.

Fundamental techniques covered in the course include: loading and unloading magazines, shooting positions, resolving malfunctions and using cover. The basic fundamentals of an overall defense strategy will also be illustrated in this introductory course

The targets used on the course are specifically studied for establishing solid fundamentals and specific attention to the components of defensive shooting. Should the trainee serve in uniform, we recommend they take the course while outfitted in the same gear they will be serving in.

Evaluation tests will be performed at the end of every course. They are required in order to pass onto the next level and serve as an excellent instrument of trainee feedback.

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