Requirements and Equipment

Should the trainee serve in uniform, we recommend they take the course while outfitted in the same gear they will be serving in. Trainees must pass an entry test for each course after Level I, (in addition to passing the level test for the level prior): A Tadpoles Tactics trainee must be well aware of the importance of constant training.

Mandatory for all:

  • Valid firearms license for sport-shooting, hunting and/or personal defense, or ID indicating affiliation with the Armed Services or Local Police – no exceptions
  • U.S. Citizens / MIL & LE - A CCW Permit or documents compliant to local laws and regulations are required
  • Semiautomatic pistol of legal caliber, maintained in good condition
  • 3 magazines
  • Side holster and magazine pouch
  • Ear protection (ear muffs and plugs) and ballistic goggles
  • Comfortable clothing (or service uniform)
  • Outdoor or gym shoes
  • Hat
  • Waterproof apparel

The use of camouflage is absolutely forbidden to anyone not serving the state, as well as clothing that refers to any political groups or factions.

It is crucial, and a good general rule, to arrange for drinks to keep hydrated and snacks for break time

At any moment the instruction staff reserves the right to remove anyone whose conduct or attitude may represent a danger to himself or others from the course, as well as those in violation of the above requirements. (In this case, the price of the course will be refunded.)

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